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Spent a good portion of the day at the hospital. 4 Appointments! 😲 I'm also in a lot of pain now, but at least I'm back home again. This is this week's spread before the pen! The mushroom washi is one of the gems I found at PlannerCon Europe 😍 I'm so in love with it! I tried to combine it with matching washi, which was a challenge seeing as brown washi is hard to find around here πŸ€” but I think it came out very nice! πŸπŸ’•Used some of my Lawn Fawn stamps to make stickers for this week's spread πŸ˜πŸπŸ¦ƒSecond batch of washi separators are done πŸ™Œ it takes about 6 hours to print a batch, so this is gonna take a few weeks before I have enough separators for all my washi tapes πŸ˜… but it'll be worth it! 😍Testing the washi separators 😍Still printing those washi separators ❀️ and we'll need to print loads more. But you have to start somewhere πŸ˜„Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Shirley I have a new roll of the black retro print washi I found at PlannerCon Europe! ❀️😘 Still unsure as to where it was originally acquired. But I'm very happy with it either way 😍Printing separators for my washi drawers. Courtesy of the hubby 😍Spent most of last night working on Christmas cards. πŸŽ„ I did the backdrop for 25 cards. And I'm nowhere near done πŸ˜‚ but I've actually used washi from the swap table at #plannerconeurope! And now I'm dying to find out where I can get this #washi, as I've not seen it anywhere before. If you recognise the black thin retro print washi, let me know please! ❀️ #pce2017 #whichwashi #helpagirlout #retrowashi #midcenturymodernwashi #blackwashi #wherecanifindthiswashi #washisearchThanks for the opportunity @theunpamperedstamper! And congrats on 1000 followers. I can only hope to achieve that on my IG someday πŸ˜‚ #rachels1kgiveaway

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Pun intended haha! October has gone by a lot quicker than I expected! I've been very busy working on the website, as well as new stickers and sticker kits. Please keep an eye on my Etsy shop as I'll be adding lots of new planner goodies in the next few days!

If you're looking for planner inserts, you've come to the right place! Are you curious about my stickers? Check! Maybe you're interested in cute washi? I'm adding dividers, charms and new page markers soon! ❀

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Rosana Kooymans

Dutch designer and artist. Living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with my hubby and 2 sons (and another baby on the way). I have my own cosy studio at home where I create anything that comes to mind.

I run the Retro Hugs shop on Etsy, where I sell (mostly handmade) planner goodies and craft supplies. I also run Rosana Kooymans Etsy shop where I sell plushies, illustrations and 3D printed items!

When I'm not creating for my shops, I'm creating custom content for games on SNW (SimsNetwork). And I occassionally blog on my personal website!

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